Free master class in Computational materials modelling (7th to 13th November 2021)

The High-Performance Computing Laboratory at HySA Infrastructure – North West University through Dr Cecil NM Ouma, will be conducting a FREE Master class in Computational materials modelling (7th to 13th November 2021.). Postgraduate students form University of Johannesburg will be attending among others. The master class is free.
Dr Ouma (NWU) has been actively collaborating with Prof Dlamini (UJ).
The students will use the master class content to complement, and augment results they have already obtained from lab experiments they have been running with aim of generating high quality publications in journal with high impact factors. The Master class will entail the following.
a) Installation of relevant codes/software for materials modelling
b) Account creation at the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC)
c) Hands on sessions and tutorials on how to run and execute product/publication level calculations relevant for postgraduate research
d) Analysis of outputs generate from high performance calculations and comparing them to results already obtained, by the participants, from lab experiments.
e) Preliminary drafting the results section of their respective manuscripts to demonstrate how results from experiments and computational modelling can be reported.
The training will take place at Hydrogen South Africa (HySA-Infrastructure) conference room at North West University on the abovementioned dates. The students are expected to bring their laptops. The computational infrastructure at the Centre for High performance Computing (CHPC) will be used for the Master class.
Expected Outputs
a) High quality publications for NWU from the different projects (at least one (1) per project) the participants are working in as CNM Ouma will be a co-author.
b) Strengthening inter-university collaboration between NWU and UJ in doing cutting edge research.
c) Postgraduate student co-supervision opportunity for CNM Ouma
d) High quality thesis from the students.