HySA Infrastructure participated in the launch of Science Center in Cofimvaba village on the 6th of October. The village is 79 km east of Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. HySA Infrastructure contributed by the installation of a electrolytic hydrogen generation system coupled to solar PV system and a hydrogen fuel cell.

The purpose of the science centre is intended to advance the DSI’s efforts to promote public awareness of and engagement with science. By getting learners excited about science, engineering, and technology (SET), the centre will encourage young people to take Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST) at school and to follow careers in these fields. In this way, it will also contribute to the development of the skilled workforce that South Africa needs.

The renewable energy production system comprises of 35 kW rooftop solar panels, 3.5Kw wind turbine and 5kw fuel cell. The renewable energy system is connected in parallel with Eskom grid as a backup power. The energy produced from renewable source is supplied to 48VDC bus and stored in the battery bank. The energy stored in the batteries is used on demand through inverters that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). In the event of low voltage or error in the renewable energy system the Eskom grid will supply power to the load as a backup.

Hydrogen production technology forms part of the energy generated by the fuel cell. The water used for hydrogen generation is from the municipal supply and through water purification system.


Left: Eastern Cape Primier Oscar Mabuyane, Middle: DSI Minister Dr Blade Nzimande Right: DSI DG Dr Phil Mjwara


Left: Phillimon Modisha (HySA) Right: Mmboneni Muofhe (DDG-DSI)