Nicolaas Engelbrecht

Research Engineer

Nicolaas started working at HySA Infrastructure in March 2017 as a research engineer after completing his M.Eng in Chemical Engineering in 2016, also at HySA Infrastructure. His main area of expertise is microchannel reactor technology for ammonia decomposition as well as power-to-gas (CO2 methanation) applications.


B.Eng Chemical Engineering – North-West University, 2014

M.Eng Chemical Engineering (cum laude) – North-West University, 2016

Recent Publications

Schumacher K, Engelbrecht N, Everson RC, Friedl M, Bessarabov DG. Steady-state and transient modelling of a microchannel reactor for coupled ammonia decomposition and oxidation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2019;44(13):6415-6426.

Sekoai PT, Ouma CNM, du Preez SP, Modisha P, Engelbrecht N, Bessarabov DG, Ghimire A. Application of nanoparticles in biofuels: An overview. Fuel 2019;237:380-397.

Engelbrecht N, Chiuta S, Bessarabov DG. A highly efficient autothermal microchannel reactor for ammonia decomposition: Analysis of hydrogen production in transient and steady-state regimes. Journal of Power Sources 2018;386:47–55.

Ndlovu IM, Everson RC, Chiuta S, Neomagus HWJP, Langmi HW, Ren J, Engelbrecht N, Bessarabov DG. A performance evaluation of a microchannel reactor for the production of hydrogen from formic acid for electrochemical energy applications, International Journal of Electrochemical Science 2018;13:485–97.

Engelbrecht N, Chiuta S, Everson RC, Neomagus HWJP, Bessarabov DG. Experimentation and CFD modelling of a microchannel reactor for carbon dioxide methanation, Chemical Engineering Journal 2017;313:847–57.

Chiuta S, Engelbrecht N, Human G, Bessarabov DG. Techno-economic assessment of power-to-methane and power-to-syngas business models for sustainable carbon dioxide utilization in coal-to-liquid facilities. Journal of CO2 Utilization 2016;16:399-411.