Alexander Malakov (GRADUATED)

PhD in Engineering

Alexander was born in the Kurchatov town, Russian Federation. He holds an Engineer-Physicist degree from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Obninsk. He previous worked for State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation – “Institute for Physics and Power Engineering named after A.I. Leypunsky where he took the position of research-engineer in the laboratory is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis including physics-chemistry processes for nuclear safety and related topic. He joined HySA Infrastructure Center in September 2018 to study towards PhD in Chemical Engineering. His main responsibility is CFD modelling for hydrogen safety.


Engineer-Physicist, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Obninsk, 2013

Recent Publications

Avdeenkov, A. V., Sergeev, V. V., Stepanov, A. V., Malakhov, A. A., Koshmanov, D. Y., Soloviev, S. L., & Bessarabov, D. G. (2018). Math hydrogen catalytic recombiner: Engineering model for dynamic full-scale calculations. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 43(52), 23523-23537. (


Mitigation strategies for hydrogen safety in the confined environment: CFD modelling and validation,

Hydrogen technologies show considerable benefits and potential to be used in underground mines in South Africa. The requirements for hydrogen infrastructure and hydrogen safety need to be better understood. Hydrogen forms combustible mixtures with mole fractions exceeding 4%, at atmospheric pressure. CFD is increasingly used to perform safety analysis of potential accident scenarios related to the production, storage, distribution of hydrogen and its use in fuel cells. CFD is a powerful numerical tool that can provide useful data and insights. Modelling data have been obtained with help the software package Star-CCM+.

Supervisors: Dr. Dmitri Bessarabov; Dr. MH Du Toit; Dr. Alexander Avdeenkov