Isabella Ndlovu

Master Student


Catalysts Development for Chemical Carriers in Hydrogen Storage


Formic acid, as a chemical hydrogen storage option, has an added advantage over other hydrogen storage materials because it can contribute to the alleviation of CO2 emissions. Formic acid can be produced by reduction of CO2 with H2 in the presence of an appropriate catalyst. Upon decomposition under mild conditions in the presence of an appropriate catalyst formic acid releases H2 along with CO2. To meet practical demands for fuel cell applications some work is needed to develop low-cost, high-performance catalysts for the generation of hydrogen from formic acid for liquid phase hydrogen storage. This project focuses on the development and evaluation of catalysts for the dehydrogenation of the chemical carrier, formic acid.

Supervisors: Prof Ray Everson (North West University), Dr Jianwei Ren (CSIR), Dr Henrietta Langmi (CSIR)