Marius Bornman

Master in Engineering

Marius grew up in a small town called Stilfontein. He matriculated from Stilfontein Highschool in 2018. He then applied to study at NWU (North-West University) where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Marius is currently busy with his master’s degree in collaboration with HySA Infrastructure Centre and is relevant to his field of study.


BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Cum Laude) – North-West University, 2022


Characterisation of a PEM electrolyser cell by means of the current interrupt method

The project aims to electrochemically characterize a PEM electrolyser using the current interrupt method. This project builds on the research project conducted by Martinson et al (2014). The project aims to further develop the existing electrical circuit model to successfully characterise the PEM electrolyser. This method must then be validated against existing characterisation methods such as Electrochemical Impedance spectroscopy. Furthermore, the project aims to implement this characterisation method in such a way that real time monitoring is possible.