Mpho Violet Ledwaba

PhD Candidate

Mpho Ledwaba is currently a PhD student who joined the CSIR as an intern in 2015. She completed
her Bsc, BscH and Masters at Rhodes University under the supervision of Dr Entunes and Prof


Bsc, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, 2010

BscH, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, 2011

Masters (Chemistry), Rhodes University, Grahamstown, 2013

Recent Publications

Antunes, E., Rapulenyane, N., Ledwaba, M., Litwinski, C., Chidawanyika, W. and
Nyokong, T., 2013. The synthesis and characterisation of magnetic nanoparticles and
their interaction with a zinc phthalocyanine. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 29,

Ledwaba, M., Masilela, N., Nyokong, T. and Antunes, E., 2015. Surface modification of
silica-coated gadolinium oxide nanoparticles with zinc tetracarboxyphenoxy
phthalocyanine for the photodegradation of Orange G. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A:
Chemical, 403, pp.64-76.

Ledwaba, M., Masilela, N., Nyokong, T. and Antunes, E., 2017. Improved photocatalytic
degradation of Orange G using hybrid nanofibers. Journal of Nanoparticle Research,
19(5), p.158.

Ren, J., Ledwaba, M., Musyoka, N.M., Langmi, H.W., Mathe, M., Liao, S. and Pang, W.,
2017. Structural defects in metal–organic frameworks (MOFs): Formation, detection and
control towards practices of interests. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 349, pp.169-


Generation of structural defects in MOFs to facilitate hydrogen spillover mechanism

The overall objective of this research is to determine the capacity of hydrogen storage
MOFs. The thesis aims at investigating hydrogen adsorption optimization in MOFs
by engineering defects in the MOF. The findings are used to model MOFs with efficient
hydrogen uptake for hydrogen storage applications.

Supervisors: Dr. Jianwei Ren (CSIR) and Prof. Len Barbour (Stellenbosch University)