Nicolaas Engelbrecht (GRADUATED)

Master student


Experimental and modelling evaluation of a microchannel reactor for the methanation of carbon dioxide over a Ru catalyst.

This project will investigate the methanation of carbon dioxide with hydrogen in a microchannel reactor. Microchannel reactor technology may be able to offer improved performance through better heat management, superior catalyst utilization and faster dynamics compared to fixed-bed reactor technology. An experimental and mathematical modelling approach will be used to evaluate key reactor performance parameters whilst identifying optimum reactor conditions. A finite-element based solution method in Comsol MultiphysicsT will be used to simulate a three-dimensional CFD model of the microchannel reactor.

 Project Supervisors: Prof. Ray Everson, Prof. Hein Neomagus, Dr. Dmitri Bessarabov and Dr. Steven Chiuta