Rudaviro Garidzirai

PhD in Engineering

Ms Rudaviro Garidzirai obtained a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering in 2016 at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT). Before graduating for her diploma, she worked at MINTEK as an in-service trainee in the Mineral Processing Division where she focused on PGM beneficiation. In 2017 she obtained a BTech in Chemical Engineering and joined the Department of Science and Technology (DST) as an intern in the Hydrogen and Energy Chief Directorate. At DST she was responsible for managing the HySA National Flagship and the Energy Storage Research Development and Innovation Programs. In 2018, she joined HySA Infrastructure as a Senior Technician in the LOHC technology.


N.Dip Chemical Engineering, Vaal University of Technology, Vereeniging, 2016

BTech Chemical Engineering, Vaal University of Technology, Vereeniging, 2017

Recent Publications

Modisha, PM, Ouma CNM, Garidzirai R, Wasserscheid P, Bessarabov D. The prospect of hydrogen storage using liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs): A review. Energy & Fuels 2019; 33(4):2778-2796.

Modisha, PM, Gqogqa P, Garidzirai R, Ouma CNM, Bessarabov D. Evaluation of catalyst activity for release of hydrogen from liquid organic hydrogen carriers. Int J Hydrogen Energy 2019; 44 (39): 21926-21935.


The dehydrogenation of perhydrobenzyltoluene as a prospective liquid hydrogen carrier for energy storage applications.

The project is about characterising and assessing the activity of dehydrogenation catalysts for hydrogen production.

Supervisors: Dr Dmitri Bessarabov and Mr Phillimon Modisha