Dr. Kenny Uren

Lecturer at Electrical, electronic and Computer Engineering


B.Eng (Computer and Electronic Engineering, 2003), NWU

M. Eng (cum laude, Computer and Electronic Engineering, 2005), NWU

PhD (Computer and Electronic, 2009), NWU

Recent Publications

K.R. Uren, G. van Schoor  and C.R. Van Niekerk “Optimal Power Control of a Three-Shaft Brayton Cycle Based Power Conversion Unit,” SAIEE Africa Research Journal, Vol. 101, No. 2, June 2010, pp. 60-67.

Kenny Uren and George van Schoor (2011). Predictive PID Control of Non-Minimum Phase Systems, Advances in PID Control, Valery D. Yurkevich (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-267-8, InTech, DOI:10.5772/18888. Available from:

K.R. Uren, G. van Schoor “State space model extraction of a natural circulation U-tube: a network approach,” SAIEE Africa Research Journal, Vol. 104, No. 1, March 2013, pp. 30-36.