NWU and the Faculty of Engineering, through its DSI HySA Infrastructure Center of Competence co-hosted entity, are looking for a qualified candidates to apply for postdoctoral positions. Each position is initially for one year with a possibility to extend further. Standard NWU fellowship will be offered with an option to receive additional income as determined by SARS for each year. Alternatively, internal DSI/HYSA funding will be made available.

We are seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral researchers to support the development of hydrogen safety technologies based on autocatalytic hydrogen recombination processes. The skills required include advanced experience in CFD modeling (e.g., STAR-CCM+ software, etc) as well as advanced experience in material science and technology to manufacture and characterize PAR catalysts. Initially two positions will be considered. International applicants must hold valid visas.

Requirements & skills:

  • Recent Ph.D. in chemistry or engineering sciences. Previous international degrees on the M level or similar will be an asset.
  • Hands-on expertise in modeling and/or catalyst preparation techniques.
  • Solid records of publications in peer-review journals on the subject, proof of presenting at the international conferences.
  • Excellent communications skills and teamwork ability.