NWU and the Faculty of Engineering, through its DSI HySA Infrastructure Center of Competence, a co-hosted entity, are looking for a qualified candidate to apply for a postdoctoral position. Standard NWU fellowship will be offered with an option to receive additional income as determined by SARS for each year. Alternatively, internal DSI/HYSA funding will be made available. We are seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher to support the development of hydrogen production and storage technologies.


• Recent PhD in chemistry or engineering sciences in organometallic chemistry.
• Expertise in the field of organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry/homogenous catalysis and related hydrogenation reactions as well as organic nanofiltration as a separation technique.
• Hands-on expertise in catalyst preparation methods and characterization.
• Familiar with analytical techniques including GC-TCD/FID, GC-MS, FT-IR and NMR
• Familiar with laboratory safety and good laboratory practice.
• Solid record of publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences on the subject.
• Excellent communication skills and teamwork ability.
Job description

A successful candidate is expected to conduct (1) synthesis and characterization of organometallic catalysts (2) hydrogenation of liquid organic carriers (LOHCs) using various organometallic catalysts (3) Reduction of iridium complexes. The candidate will also support HySA Infrastructure in writing proposals, student supervision, manuscript preparation and submission.

International applicants must be in a position of a valid visa.

Applications and enquiries must be sent to:
Prof Dmitri Bessarabov; e-mail: [email protected] Tel: +27 18 285 2460