Ashton Swartbooi


Ashton started working on hydrogen when he developed a solid polymer electrolyser, capable of producing hydrogen at 100 bar directly. He has since moved on to working on the logistics and safety/codes/standards of the dedicated hydrogen and battery building at CSIR and is also involved in conceptual studies in H2 refuelling systems.

His current focus is on high pressure composite cylinders, with a specific focus on material selection to improve the mechanical properties, as well as cost and weight, of compressed hydrogen storage systems.


MSc (Chem Eng) – University of Cape Town, 2005

Recent Publications

Swartbooi, A, Langmi, HW, North, B and Bessarabov, D, “Composite Cylinders for Hydrogen Storage, 2nd International Conference on Composites, Biocomposites and Nanocomposites, 28-30 October 2015, Durban

Swartbooi, AM and van Vuuren D, “Development of a high pressure solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) electrolyser”, South African Chemical Engineering Congress 2012, Drakensberg