Dr Cecil ouma

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Cecil N M Ouma graduated with a PhD in Computational Physics from University of Pretoria (2014), MSc in Physics (2011) and BSc (Physics and Mathematics) from Moi University (Kenya) (2007). After his PhD, he joined CSIR (NRE) for a postdoctoral fellowship (Aug 2014 to July 2017). He is experienced in ab initio computational modelling as applied to material properties. He has used density functional theory (DFT), quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) and molecular dynamic (MD) to model different properties of materials. Dr Ouma joined HySA Infrastructure in August 2017 and will apply his computational modelling skillset to complement some of the catalytic related projects ongoing at HySA Infrastructure.  


BSc. (Mathematics and Physics), Moi University, Eldoret. Kenya, 2007

MPhil. (Physics), Moi University, Eldoret. Kenya, 2011

PhD (Physics) University of Pretoria, Pretoria. South Africa, 2014

Recent Publications

C. N. M. Ouma, S.Singh, K. O. Obodo, G. O. Amolo and A. Romero., 2017. Controlling the magnetic and optical response of MoS2 monolayer by lanthanide substitutional doping: a first-principles study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017, DOI: 10.1039/C7CP03160B

Obodo, K.O., Ouma, C.N.M., Obodo, J.T. and Braun, M., 2017. Influence of transition metal doping on the electronic and optical properties of ReS2 and ReSe2 monolayers. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(29), pp.19050-19057.

N.N. Nyangiwe, C.N. Ouma, N. Musee, 2017. Study on the interactions of Ag nanoparticles with low molecular weight organic matter using first principles calculations, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 200, Pages 270-279.

Mulwa, W.M., Dejene, B.F., Onani, M.O. and Ouma, C.N.M., 2017. Effect of Cu2+ doping on the structural, electronic and optical properties of ZnAl2O4: A combined experimental and DFT+U study. Journal of Luminescence, 184, pp.7-16.